Our Method

If you need a vehicle shipped, rest assured we are here to help.We work with a few quality shippers and usually can get a very reasonable dealer rates.

Shipping cost are approximately $300-$900 to within California, $1200-$1700 to Western states, South, Central and Midwest, and about $1700 $2200 to east coast of the USA and Hawaii.

For out of the country shipping we can ship to the LA Dock for $350. Please check with us regarding shipping cost. Prices may vary depending on time of the year and cost of fuel.

We ship cars all over the state and country, we use quality shipping companies that we keep using over and over. If you want us to help you ship a vehicle, we can help you arrange that. We negotiate the best possible rate for you.

It's simple and your new car will arrive at your door.

In many occasions it is far cheaper to have a car shipped when you compare to driving or flying to Santa Barbara and driving the car back.

Arrange Your Own Shipping:

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