Used car financing with low APR

We can get you financed in 24 Hrs!*

(see average or above credit)

Average and above Credit

If you have average or above credit rating, please stop by Carzoid and inspect the vehicle of your choice, we then contact one of the local Credit Unions to get the loan processed. Most Credit Unions offer the lowest rates, and best terms auto loans. In many cases you can get a car with no money down. Auto loan rate vary depending on your credit. Rates are as low as 3% on 2014 cars and newer, and it usually takes 24 to 36 hours.

Golden One and State farm are the two companies we often work with.
State Farm Auto Finance . Highly recommended - Financing available for older cars too, Please contact Ralph at 805-687-8480
Golden One Credit Union, (877) 465-3361 Option 1, Ext# 3123.

Apply on line and get funded in 24 hours thru Sun Trust Bank,
Copy and paste this link on your browser, easy financing, great rates.

Golden One Credit Union, (877) 465-3361 Option 1, Ext# 3123.
Keypoint Credit Union (888) 255-3637
Ventura County: Ventura County Credit Union 805-477-4000 or Pacific Oaks Credit Union, 805-384-1100 or Wescom Credit Union 888-493-7266
San Luis Obispo County and N. Santa Barbara County: Coast Hill Credit Union: 805-733-7600
Los Angeles, Ventura County: Wescom Credit Union 888-493-7266 EXT 8226
US Military and Veterans: USAA Bank 1-800-531-USAA (8722)

Also there are many other credit unions that offer auto financing, ie. Teachers credit union, County Employee credit Unions and many others....If you live outside California Central Coast, and have good credit, please contact us and we can assist you.

We do not offer any in-house financing.

Below Average Credit and Sub Prime Financing

If you have below average credit, we recommend finding a co-signer with good credit, however if that is not an option, we may be able to provide a sub prime loan. These are high interest loans, usually 15-25% interest, with good amount of down payment .

If you have below average credit (usually below 680) however a steady job and income, we MAY be able to arrange 3rd party financing Thru Lobel Financial or ACT Finance. Minimum down payment $2000 or 30% of total out the door price. You must provide proof of income, a utility bill, landlord info and few other docs.
(Cars must have less than 120,000 miles, and be 2004 and newer). The down payment amount and financing terms all depend on the vehicle model year and miles. These loans are Sub-primes and short terms, 12-36 months. The interest rates are high, and have loan origination fees. Please come in and fill out an Auto Loan Application, and we will submit on your behalf to a lender. We can not help you if you have had an auto repossession in the past.

Sub Prime financing

Done through ACT Finance, a local Santa Barbara Company. 805.434.8008, or Lobel Financials.